What My Subscribers Say About My MT4 Trade Copier Service...

"Just received the most incredible customer service I have ever received from Joe, I had inquired regarding a trade where I did not get the same number of pips that others had received. Turned out this was no fault of the trade copier... was my broker slowing down the feed. That said... when I inquired, Joe took the time to write out a thorough email response that confirmed the broker feed as the culprit. He also created a lengthy video response just for me explaining the issue. I have never experienced this level of stellar customer support and I just wanted to thank you, Joe and let others know what a stand up guy you really are"
"Hi Joseph, Yes it is working now I assume there was no trades Friday I'm not quite sure but I think it was to do with lotsize, I changed to manual 0.10 and also was not sure what TF chart so use 30 min and only setup on 1 chart and have received trades this week so must have been lucky and fixed it going well this week just under 3.5% on $1000 account so will manual increase slowly lotsize as balance increase have told 2 friends about it so you may get some sales later"
"What impresses me most is that your losses are very small, I have not seen a loss larger than -21 pips since I started using your service. I've been watching your trading behavior and you have truly met all my expectations so far. Thank you Joseph and I am looking forward to using your trade copier service for a very long time to come. (oh, forgot to mention, I have seen over 189 pips in the last week from your trades)"
"Hi Joseph, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You don't know how thankful and grateful I am that you set up this service for me and others like myself. I was literally jumping up and down after I ready your email!!! You have just given me (and my family) the BEST mother's day gift ever! I feel like a ton of bricks has just been taken off my shoulders! Thanks again for sharing your talent and time in trading the Forex market with me! You truly are a gift from Heaven!!"
"Hi Joseph I attached the trade copier to my mt4 charts on Thursday and by NFP (Friday) I already had 84 pips profit ($848.40 cash!) and yes, this returned the price of investing in your program for me too with a healthy profit to boot. I wasn't expecting this. I thought there would be few trades before NFP but getting to learn your trading habits and system will be an honor and I'm very grateful for the profits. If you post this performance, please know that I didn't have the computer on the full time from Thursday to Friday, I saw your update video and you showed that you had other winners and I will have to leave my computer on all the time from now on Thank you Joseph and please keep up the good work"
"Dear Joseph, I have been trading forex for 6 years! I have spent a few days studying all the clips from your website and know your trade is one of the best trading signals available. Not only that, you provide free seminar on trading. You are a genuine and a true trading teacher, not only you are willing to share your trade experience., You are willing to teach. I herby like to thank you for letting me in your service. May God bless you !"
Hi Joseph, I'm setting this up to make as much as I can, It took me a little while to fund my account so I could use the standard lot. I need this to make me as much money as possible, Friday was my first day using your service on the live account with the standard lit. My total results are $526.31! I am really hopeful this is a glimpse into the future. I have already earned back the price I paid for your service in the first day and if you can keep this up I'm estimating that I could earn more than I make at my present job. This is a blessing. Now I know there will be losses but if what you say is true, than you can earn the losses back then I have confidence that you are the guy to finally deliver the goods! Thank you Joseph"
"Hi Joseph. My first trade came thru in my account and I'm already up $330. )this paid for the service and the rest is profits) You see the last signal service I used blew up my account. Within the first 3 days of using another service, they opened more than 27 trades. Most of them were losing trades and only three were closed with a small profit. The other trades that remained open continued until they were negative more than 100 pips. This caused my account to be wiped out, I am starting over now and I chose to do so with your service. I am pretty sure than you get emails like this all the time I not complaining and I know that I should give it all some time before I realize the profits your service will give me but I'm just excited and grateful that I decided to use your service. Thank you and God bless your family for supporting you in what you do"
"Hi Joseph, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your trade copier service, I bought it a few days ago and I have already earned back what I spent to buy your service. This is incredible, I already have 59 pips (I've earned just under $580 so far) I can't believe this Please keep up the good work, I am looking forward to using this service all year. "
"I gotta just say WOW! That was pretty amazing. I was shocked how close you got to the bottom of that price swing... you took out the trade at 131.326 right before it shot back up I was having you trade .33 lots using the trade copier and made $111.58 in profits. No clue how you nailed the bottom of that price swing so close, but it was AWESOME! Keep up the awesomeness my good man!"
"I was going to give up trading but then I found your website and watched some of your videos (several time) and I just knew you were the guy that could really help me. I want you to know how much your help means to me, I can't believe I am finally making money and what's more, I'm keeping my profits not giving it back. I made $947 last week and I have never done that before. I owe it all to you. You're the best Joseph"
"Joseph, I am one of your new subscribers, I just started using your service after you changed it to a monthly service and I can tell you how happy I am! Since Friday May22 you have made me just a little over $923 in my real account! I know that I should be prepared for some losses but this is fantastic, and all this in three trading days. I am looking forward to more"

"I've made over $900 in my actual account. Now I know I should be prepared for some losses but this whole system is so fantastic, trust me.. Joseph.. he's the man! Trust what he says, have faith in the system and good things will happen"

"Hey Joseph, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your trade copier service. I just bought it a few days ago and I've already earned back what I spent to buy your service"

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